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EvGuard® interlayers from Folienwerk-Wolfen are already used in a large number of glass companies throughout the world, many of which have created unique glass products made possible by EvGuard®’s creative flexibility. This market-leading product’s many applications include:

Architecture and design
Depending on the function given to the intermediate layer and the insertions introduced, laminated glass offers as many possibilities as the architect or designer’s imagination allows.

Safety in public places
EvGuard® is essential in busy public places such as schools, shopping centres, offices, hotels and hospitals where it is vital to ensure the resistance of balconies, staircases, floors, doors and display windows if they are made of glass.

Reduction of UV and noise
As noise control: The intermediate layer makes the laminated glass an effective part of noise reduction. For this reason it is commonly used in airports, museums, sound studios, schools and factories.

To reduce ultraviolet radiation: The intermediate laminate filters UV light thus protecting furniture, displays, etc against discolouration. EvGuard® filters out 98% of UV light.

Safety glass
Both vertical and sloping, laminated glass can withstand impact penetration and if it is broken, the fragments will adhere to the intermediate layer, reducing the risk of personal injury and property damage. If the glass is tempered it can even withstand bullets, fire, heavy objects or minor explosions.

New technologies
LC (Liquid Crystal) intelligent glass screens that enable light to pass through and LED light panels are increasingly used in offices, institutions and homes.

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