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There is no substitute for proven product performance supported by experience and knowledge in its application.

Glass Lamination of America introduced the principal of laminating glass with an EVA based interlayer in 2018.

Since that time, we have been instrumental in establishing and supporting many laminating operations in United States & Mexico, using only the worldwide accredited and independently tested lamination films and inserts from EvGuard® – by Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH, Germany.

Glass Lamination of America is part of EvGuard®’s worldwide marketing and distribution network.

Glass Lamination of America is Folienwerk-Wolfen’s official EvGuard® distributor in the United States. Owned and operated by long-established South Carolina business partners, Glass Lamination of America is part of EvGuard®’s worldwide marketing and distribution network. Proudly serving our customers around the world, providing access to the EvGuard® product line.

Glass Lamination of America’ goal is to provide specialist individual service to each of our clients – providing high quality products and expertise to extract maximum performance from the laminating process.

New developments for safety and security:

To provide increased rigidity to the compilation of glass-interlayer-glass that will ensure that if both pieces of glass are broken, Folienwerk-Wolfen has introduced Evguard MPE – a special high performance multi-layer polyester insert for heavy impact and printed laminated safety glass applications.

  • MPE is fast to process.
  • MPE is cross-linked.
  • MPE is not temperature affected.

There are manufacturers of interlayers claim stability if both pieces of glass are broken. However, testing has shown that in hot conditions this is incorrect. Their claims of rigidity are false and misleading, bordering on dangerous.

The critical factors are:

  • Certified to safety standards worldwide
  • Only available EVA interlayer with the German Technical Approval (DIBt)
  • Designed, Developed and Made in Germany
  • Superior moisture resistance, material of choice for open edge applications
  • processable in both – vacuum laminations kilns and autoclave, can be processed by pre-nip roll process
  • Outstanding adhesion to glass and many other materials
  • Protection against heavy impacts (in combination with MPE film)
  • Processable in vacuum laminations kilns and autoclaves, can be processed in pre-nip roll process
What’s so special


Offering excellent transparency and high adhesion strength after the heat curing process, EvGuard® is unique in enabling glass processors to make high value ‘designer’ architectural glass.

EvGuard® is being increasingly applied worldwide as an EVA-based interlayer for the laminated glass industry due to its excellent ‘cure torque’ strength, wide application temperature range, durability, superior optical properties, and adaptability to small kiln processing/handling.

The advantages of EvGuard®
  • High transparency.
  • Good adhesion strength, stability and physical properties to substrates ranging from glass to metals and plastic films.
  • With excellent durability against heat, moisture and UV, EvGuard® displays long term durability under severe conditions in outdoor usage.
  • EvGuard® is hydrophobic, has a three dimensional cross-linked structure and does not contain any plasticisers.
  • Good impact resistance over a wide temperature range.
  • Good sound insulation performance, particularly in the higher frequency range.
  • Good fluidity, which leads to the easy lamination process with a wide variety of glass.
  • Exceptional adhesion/strength and high-productivity.
  • Fast processing time while still allowing cross linking to take place.
  • No special storage conditions required.

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