EvGuard® Interlayer Film

EvGuard® film for laminated glass is available in United States in different blends for specific purposes:

Clear: With UV-cut off at 395nm. This is the most commonly-used interlayer film in the EvGuard® range. We offer our standard sized films in 94.48”x 0.015” and 94.48”x 0.030” and also tailor-made films with special widths and thicknesses.

Milky White & Black Opaque: Used in the lamination of photographic images, producing a soft focus semi-opaque result or used to produce an overall soft diffused effect rather than clear. Also, with UV-cut off at 395nm.

Other colors can be achieved by inserting a PET film of the desired color in the lamination composite. There are technical differences in the color inserts required for internal and external use, so discuss your application with us before proceeding to lamination.


It is 110v 50 hz and is supplied with a three-pin plug.

This hand-held device is important when cleaning the edge of the glass after lamination. The Thermocutter and blades are stock items

Micro Perforated Tape

Used to tape the edges of the EvGuard® lamination ‘sandwich’ prior to processing. The micro-perforations in the tape ensure no air is trapped in the vacuuming segment prior to processing. Glass Lamination of America’ approved micro-perforation tape is available in 0.8”, 1.2”, 1.58” and 1.97”. All rolls are 216 feet in length.

High Temperature Silicone Edging

The silicone edge profiles provide an exceptionally clean edge that will save hours of manual clean-up. Glass Lamination of America’ genuine silicone edging is reusable many times.

Options available:

  • 0.3”, 0.35” & 0.47” diameter Silicone Tubing – The tube allows for a ‘recessed finish’ of the interlayer between the glass layers.
  • 0.6” x 0.2” section of extruded Silicone – The flat section provides a ‘polished edge’ finish.

Coloured Inserts

Glass Lamination Systems offer a vast range of coloured inserts for both internal and external use. Please call to discuss your particular application.

Lamination Consultancy

When you’re looking for expert advice on the myriad of options available, Glass Lamination Systems can assist with ‘the facts’ on the right product to use in specific situations, and the appropriate equipment to use to ensure you get the best results.

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